Burgers, Japanese Cuisine, Country Cooking & Fine Dining In Covina CA

Trying to find a place to eat in a city you’re unfamiliar with is a challenge. It can be fun, but you might just want to cut to the chase. What if you pick one that really isn’t all that great? After reading this list of four of the best places to eat in Covina CA, you’re going to know where to go. That way you can get to enjoying the place you pick vs trying to figure out where to go.

In a previous article about the best restaurants in Covina, I listed Millies Country Kitchen as an honorable mention. The 4 picks had been given, and then I ran across this wonderful gem. So let’s start there. This country cooking establishment is found at 403 South Citrus Avenue. You can expect to be served up a delicious breakfast at this restaurant, and you can also expect to find lunch specials, too. People say that Millies Country Kitchen serves up some great coffee.

Hayakawa is located at 750 Terrado Plaza, and it is known for its sushi. When you eat sushi, you want the freshest and the best. Reviewers have great things to say about Hayakawa. The place serves up true Japanese cuisine. Of course, it’s not just about the sushi. There are great vegetarian options, too, if you don’t eat meat.

Bistro Provincia is in downtown Covina, located off of Citrus Street. Prepare yourself for quite the dining experience. There are many flavorful combinations on the menu at Bistro Provincia. Are you ready for filet mignon? How about some ahi tacos? They are said to be great appetizers. As you can imagine with a place like this, you can expect there to be a wonderful wine list. One more menu recommendation is the chicken with jasmine rice.

Is it time for a burger? Georgia’s Original Bun n’ Burger is located at 180 East Rowland Street. It is definitely one of the top restaurants to stop by if you’re hankering for a burger. The establishment is said to be like an old-fashioned diner. Another great thing about the place is that you can order up breakfast, lunch and dinner.

That last pick sounds like a plan if you can enjoy any meal of the day there. Yet the other three establishments sound great, too. Japanese cuisine, country cooking and a fine dining experience await you, along with burgers and an old-fashioned diner. Enjoy those meals in Covina CA.